Field Visit to IMD, Bhubaneswar: 13th Feb’24

Field Visit to IMD, Bhubaneswar: 13th Feb’24

  • February 13, 2024


Topic: Weather Report Analysis

Date: 13th February 2024

The first-year students of B.Sc. SD (Specialization in Environmental Science) students visited the India Meteorological Department, Bhubaneswar office on 13 February 2024.. This visit was undertaken as part of their Introduction to Physical Environment course under the guidance of Ms. B Goutami. The students received invaluable insights into the world of meteorology which has a motto to effectively forecast High Impact Weather events to strengthen Disaster Preparedness Mechanism. The students got to know about real and behind the scenes from day-to-day weather forecasting report to warning report during cyclone and thunderstorms.

The officials and scientists at the IMD, Bhubaneswar were extremely welcoming and helpful in familiarizing the students with the various weather equipment and other processes that aid in prediction of weather conditions.

The students were keen to gather all sort of information they could gather from the IMD, Bhubaneswar.