Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

The year 2019-2020 has been a milestone in the journey of the Alumni Committee of Xavier School of Sustainability. This year witnessed four Alumni talks which proved to be very fruitful for the current students of both the senior and junior batch. 

The Alumni committee organized Alumni Talks on the flowing topics with the following speakers:

Apart from conducting Alumni Talks, we have been working on our LinkedIn profile which is set to start operating actively from the commencing year. We have plans of conducting discussion on the LinkedIn platform. 

We have not been able to open our Instagram page but we plan to work on it actively from the year 2020.

The Alumni committee is the bridge and the building block between the Alumni and the school. In this essence, we have been able to make the Alumni feel at home and making the feel that they are a part of our ‘SM-Family’ by curating birthday cards for them and wishing them on their birthdays as well as special occasions. Our Alumni committee team has always been in touch with them regularly.

Owing to the fact that the Alumni talks to be held in the future are in alignment with what the students require guidance in, we shared a google sheet asking students to fill in the alumni that they wanted to listen to and the topics they wanted to be covered. 

We have also devised and formulated our Manual of Policies for the SM-Alumni Committee and it has been set to be printed and distributed for the next Academic year.

Our Alumni Committee has also been able to help CAS by reaching out to the Alumni in case of Summer Internships and final placements. 

The coming year, we envision to open our merchandise vertical and also a mentorship vertical.