Expert Voice

Expert Voice


  • Aditya Batra pic

    “ Even as the environment and development crisis intensifies, you the students and youth are living in privileged times. You, perhaps like no generation before, have the tools, enthusiasm and opportunities to make a real difference. Don’t squander it.”
    — Mr. Aditya Batra, Programme Director, Board & Funding, CSE

  • P.S. Narayan

    “ My congratulations and best wishes to XIM University for taking pioneering step of giving young minds new eyes to see and engage with the issues that matter the most, not just for today but for future generations as well.”
    — Mr. P.S. Narayan, VP and Head, Sustainability, Wipro

  • Pooran Pandey pic

    “ XIM University's thought leadership in sustainability augurs well for key stakeholders nationally and globally, more importantly for future leaders…”
    — Mr. Pooran Pandey, Former Executive Director, UNGC India

  • Surojit Bose pic

    “ I found the audience of young MBA aspirants smart, well informed and eager to learn more and connect, in this ever connected world. Indeed, the fine education you impart at the School of Sustainability, is evidenced by this crop of professionally well-equipped men and women”
    — Mr. Surojit Bose, AVP Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd