B.Sc (HONS.) in Sustainable Development (B.Sc – SD)

B.Sc (HONS.) in Sustainable Development (B.Sc – SD)

B.Sc. Sustainable Development – Three Year CBCS Structure:



There will be multiple teaching methods including interactive lecture sessions, case analysis, group discussions, field based learning, interaction with experts and practitioners and use of videos, documentaries and films related to Sustainability. 

The program will be research based and will also have the following components: 

SUMMER INTERNSHIP (Two Months in the Summer Vacation before start of 3rd Year) 

Students will spend eight weeks in various organisations to learn and experience how sustainability is being mainstreamed in both organisations and the community. One of the important elements of Summer Internship is conducting a Sustainability Audit of the host organisation. The Summer Internship intends to equip the students focus on sustainability challenges in industry, government and civil society, and participate in the analysis and the problem solving process.



The XIM University will award the B. Sc in Sustainable Development (Hons.) degree to the students who successfully complete classroom and field learning equivalent to 144 credits including Internship and fulfil the prescribed academic requirements of the program. The degree is awarded at the Annual Convocation which is usually held in the month of April/May.